[ubuntu-art] New Wave 0.7 Alpha 1

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:09:27 GMT 2008

В 11:11 +0100 на 02.12.2008 (вт), François Degrave написа:
> Kevin Soviero a écrit :
> > Is it just me, or does the word Dust, come to mind?
> >
> > (Not that I'm bad mouthing your theme, i love the Dust theme, so this 
> > is just icing on the cake for me.)
> Sorry, NewWave is older than Dust! Maybe you should ask: "Does the word 
> NewWave come to mind?" when seeing Dust...

Kevin you said your words unprepared here. As proof to François's
opinion I post a link with and image. You could see the date the
attachment was added - a long long way before dust existed:


This type of window top was a concept that I used to develop in May this
year and stopped but now I plan to start working on it again.

As far as the min/max/x buttons they are going to be changed because the
current ones are too strange for most of the people. Probably I'm going
to make them all the same height as some have suggested. 


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