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SorinN nemes.sorin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 10:51:06 BST 2008

Kim, all OK but Orange BG + Black Text on Selectable / Focused elements is
not a good contrast for visual focus   - please try Orange BG + White text
for a better visual mark and usability.Also Scrollbar is a bit too slim -
orange top and bottom visual marks - not needed for scroll bar - is an
"over-mark" of the scrollbar which is already visible thanks to scroll track
BG gradient.

Else the overall look is OK.

Anyway AIR is great.As a whole.A designer tell you that.

Else I hope to find some more free time to contribute and collaborate in a
"pro" like Ubuntu team of designers (I was boring a bit of this kind of
'democracy' of this list, and I loose my interest for a while to design for
Ubuntu Art [ ...in life, best things we do we do based on motivation - no
motivation, no quality, no joy ]).

2008/8/18 Kim Kahns <post at kims-area.com>

> Hi Art Team contributors,
> I redesigned the buttons, they have a silky-smooth appearance now.
> I will post the theme this week after I cleaned it up.
> ~Kim Kahns (Kimmik)
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Nemes Ioan Sorin
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