[ubuntu-art] Intrepid Dust Theme

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 16:26:36 BST 2008

В 16:10 +0100 на 18.08.2008 (пн), Who написа:
> Why do we need one theme, not 5?
> Why should we be limited by the requirements of a default theme when
> making new, exciting work?
> Why should what Mark likes define every theme this team produces when
> Mark is not every other Ubuntu user?
> Shouldn't the artwork community work to ensure that there are themes
> to suit a range of preferences in Ubuntu - not just one default theme
> that has a number of other very important constraints on it that
> aren't related just to the way things look ?
> The community is NOT making the default theme - it doesn't matter that
> we have many different themes. It only matters if nobody every
> finishes a theme and packages it so it can be distributed in Universe,
> eventually maybe Main.

Absolutely right!

The only problem I have though is how am I going to bundle my theme
as .deb. I have the launchpad branch and folders structured as they
should be and only need a man to guide me or show me how to make that
deb file. I was thinking of Cory K. ? Somebody else that can help?


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