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Thomas L.Gjeseth thomlie at online.no
Mon Aug 18 15:01:31 BST 2008

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> Now that's a good idea. People will still be unhappy but at least we can
> say it was democratic!
> On Mon, 2008-08-18 at 14:46 +0100, José Luis wrote:
> > We are going nowhere with this; Each one likes a different theme and we
> > don't have a "artist in chief" AKA a "BATMAM" (Benevolent  Art Team
> > Manager Appointed by Mark) (No, not Batman) who decides what is OK and
> > what is not. New Wave, Kin/Kith, Union, Human 2 and Dust are great, we
> > need ONE theme, not 5. 
> > Why not make a poll in the community to choose the theme? Let 'em
> > decide. They won't comply for a theme choosen by them.
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> > José Luis Ricón <artirj at gmail.com>
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As others have pointed out earlier, voting is no good when it comes to developing a default theme for ubuntu intrepid. I do love democracy and direct-participation, however when it comes to certain areas such as design, you need some people devoted to this specific task. Some of us have studied art and design, most people haven't. And some times, most people just don't know what's best for themselves, ironically :> 

The democracy-part comes in when the user is able to choose whether to use ubuntu or another distro, whether he/she wants to use the default theme or install a new one, or whether one should become a member of art-ubuntu to influence the outcome of the default theme. 

When it comes to this specific theme, I believe it looks very good, very modern and clean. However it DOES lack color, especially in terms of competing as a default theme. Nonetheless, I'd love to see a new theme based on this one, only with nice orange highlights etc. (as much orange as possible without ruining the clean look).

- Thomas L.G

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