[ubuntu-art] New Wave new version available

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 18:44:05 BST 2008

Anton, I love how you have made the Nautilus side bar bearable to look
at. Lots of themes make the side bar white except for the drag handle,
which looks really bad. The squared off buttons are a nice departure
from the round widgets which have become 'the norm'. I think they look
This avoids all those dumb jagged corners on the windows, among other things.

Is that shadow on the bottom border new? It's a good addition, because
before the shadows on the Metacity theme risked being (while
attracive) inconsistent with the shadows everywhere else. It may be a
good idea to run Metacity with its compositor turned on and try to
have the theme's shadows match what Metacity's compositor does.

I think the orange highlight on selected widgets is just the right
touch of Ubuntuish orangeness.

Good work!

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