[ubuntu-art] Secret Garden Theme (Team?) Ideas [Usplash, GDM ideas]

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Thu Aug 14 03:14:31 BST 2008

Hi all,
(summary: check out
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incubator/SecretGarden and give me
some feedback, if you like :)

I managed to spend a little bit of time thinking about some designs on
holiday and tonight I've tried quickly mocking some of them up. I am
under no false illusions - some of this stuff is UGLY at the moment,
but it is ideas I'm playing with...

First some background: I wanted the theme to make the computer feel
more real... and I wanted to convey some sense of what is going in
inside as it boots. To me, it feels like a computer is coming alive...
So I took that idea and poked around a bit. The work that I've put on
the wiki is the result of me musing on the ideas of growth. There are
some drawings from my notebook that I will try and get around to
putting up later...

The idea is that each subsequent step in the boot process will have
'grown' from the previous one...
Usplash-->GDM-->Lsplash-->Desktop should be transition

So, so far I've just messed about with usplash and GDM. I am not so
sure about the technical possibilities of my GDM - I'd like some
suggestions on that. I did a quick lsplash (session-splash) idea but
tbh I'd really like the session splash to be fullscreen... and
animated :P...

So, finally, some actual work.
There is a mock up Usplash
4 GDM mockups - which do you like best? Why?
1. Lsplash, but see the note on that one

If anyone likes the ideas I'd be really happy for some help working on
this. You might notice that I have created a 'Incubator' section of
the Art Team wiki. This is to indicate I see this as a long term thing
- I don't have the time to push it out for any specific release -
it'll be done when we do it... etc... I would like to think of it as a
'theme team' style project.

If you like the ideas then get drawing, put up some sketches or
mockups :) At this stage I would suggest anyone contributing to this
theme do quite quick work not really precise stuff, but because that's
likely to be a waste of time as the end result might be quite
different from the ideas on the page right now. I don't want anyone
feeling like they wasted their time :)

Comments as always, welcome

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