[ubuntu-art] Theme engines

Andreas Berger andi.berger at edumail.at
Tue Aug 12 19:59:57 BST 2008

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Yeah, I tried the actual theme out as well. The problem is that it's a
pixmap theme so unless you really like that color (which I don't) it doesn't
really work for you. It also had a few glitches, that you outlined above,
which seem common in many pixmap themes.

That's why I think it would be cool to try and take the best elements of
this theme (which IMO is the depressed buttons) and work it into an existing
theme engine.
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i totally agree concerning the pixmap vs engine matter.
a lot of people will not like brown (as a matter of fact) and there will be no way for them with a pixmap theme.

i can remember using clearlooks instead of human when clearlooks looked really ugly and old, just because the human theme did not support custom colors and i hated the combination of orange and brown, but otherwise would have enjoyed the modern ubuntulooks style a lot.
that was before i knew what a gtkrc file is of course. but most people will be in exactly that position.

a theme based on a gtk-engine with the ability to change the colors, also without editing the gtkrc file, would be very much in the idea of freedom i think.

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