[ubuntu-art] New Wave Progress

Anton Kerezov ankere at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 19:46:59 BST 2008

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted about New Wave theme for long time because I had a lot
of exams. But now I have plenty of time to develop and polish the theme.
Before I left the theme was in the condition from the screenshots in 


Now I have made the transition from clearlooks to pixmap engine (still
some issues to fix) and here's the result:




What do you think? Any comments, recommendations? I have several
questions too:

1. Is it possible to change the colors of the frames (shadow in, out
like the aurora engine did) but with the pixmap one?

2. Does anyone know how to apply stretched image as a bg for the panels?

3. Anyone knows the name of the Panel Menu widget

I attach  beta of the upcoming version 0.5. The toolbar's rounded
corners are still very experimental and will probably get excluded in

Best regards,

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