[ubuntu-art] art team meeting topics

nothlit nothlit.linux at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 11:34:12 BST 2007

I suggest, that part of item two:

2) the process for contributions and a more accessible method to contribute

A Gallery system should be implemented (technical resources allowing)
for dedicated image submission, be it mockups, screenshots of themes,
etc. This would be far easier and cleaner to group an or artists work,
or a set of images following a theme together. Also, this would
alleviate the mass loading of images or the need to create thumbnails
and figure out the wiki system. This would allow for more structured
commenting and editing of works.

This would entail that the wiki would stop being used as a place to
place images, but left for writing guidelines and placing examples,
and written ideas.

I believe that this could potentially make a one easy place for anyone
to find, and see progress. Work would be done on mailing lists, irc
and the wiki of course, but it simplifies the image process. While
also giving the community a place to focus, and without all the "work
clutter" that would come from monitoring systems currently in place.

Thanks for your time, nothlit.

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