[ubuntu-art] System for wallpaper/theme submissions

Slogger silverstar at Bluebottle.com
Tue Sep 25 00:15:04 BST 2007

With respect to the recent debate about defaults and desktop
backgrounds, I thought I'd share an idea/opinion on how desktop
backgrounds, and maybe themes, could be chosen for inclusion in the
default package, and be chosen as default.

First off, I think that there needs to be a clear artwork requirements
page. It should have 3 sections: 'REQUIRED' and 'SUGGESTED' guidelines,
and an explanation of the 'SELECTION PROCESS' used to choose the artwork
and how to participate in it. Under required would be things like max
file size, copyright issues, and required resolutions. Suggested
guidelines would make available the palette and anything else
appropriate to the category, such as a theme (a la literary/conceptual
theme) for the release.

I think a publicized 1 or 2 week period for accepting all artwork
submissions would be fine. The submissions should appear on a gallery
page where people can take a look, comment, and/or rate them, for
another 1 or 2 week period starting after the submission deadline.
Individuals should be prevented from easily submitting more than 8 or so
wallpapers. Canonical or whoever's in charge of the wallpaper selection
picks one of them for the default, one for thematic relevance +
quality,and the top 2 rated by the community get included also. The
submitters get contacted to double check formatting and copyright
issues. Wallpapers included in one release are excluded from use in
future releases.

Anyhow, just my thought on how things could work. That way the process
would be clear, the community helps contribute, and there aren't any
surprises or confusion. Hopefully there will be some discussion,
modifications and suggestions, or counter-proposals to follow so that we
end up with something that is transparent and understood by the


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