[ubuntu-art] Gutsy wallpaper

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 24 12:41:12 BST 2007

Hi all,

After spending the weekend with my family it has taken quite a while to figure 
out exactly what is going on. Perhaps I should explain a few things.

First off, the version of the wallpaper inluded as default at this time will 
change. It will be a version much closer to the lighter, less grainy version  
found on the wiki.

The elephant pic will be included in the default package, replacing smooth 
chocolate. At the time I submitted the package there was not a large enough 
version of elephant to be included although I was in contact with the author. 
Originally he told me he would not have enough time to make a larger 
version - that changed and he did make a larger version so it will be 

We did discuss this on the wiki, mailing list and irc for a longer time. I did 
mention a few days before that this pic (or a version of it) would be default 
and that the other pics would be included in another package.

For Hardy Heron I would like to see the community contribute more. We are 
setting up a meeting (email coming soon) and I would like to see everyone 
attend so that we can define rules and roles and figure out how to get as 
many people on board and working in one direction as possible. Also there is 
a new wiki page which will help, check it out:


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