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Mon Sep 24 12:25:11 BST 2007


I have been talking with kwwii about this on #ubuntu-art, and we need to
do something about how artwork is managed. #ubuntu-art decided that we
should try to have a meeting to find out how to handle this.

This will be a meta-debate, a meeting about the proscess. This will not
however be about democratizing ubuntu artwork, or a meeting trying to
define who we want to reach out to or if the art should be blue instead of
brown. I hope this is very clear.

This meeting must define and clarify what the problem is. Is it that too
few contribute? Is the procsess to closed? etc.

What can be done to solve these problems? Canonical will still decide in
the end, but its very possible to create a better procsess towards the
final result.

How do we execute this? How can we lift the quantity as well as quality of
user input and user contributions? Do we need something else than the

Im gonna add what I've been thinking on the subject(as well as some
copypasting from what 23meg said), as an example for what im trying to get
out of this meeting.

1. What is the problem today?
Very small community around artwork, most work falls on kwwi, users
complain instead of contributing themselves or coming with constructive
critisism. Ends up with kwwii against the world, nobody is really
satisfied with artwork, and users feel that the procsess is closed and
 - Too few people feel responsible for ubuntu artwork
 - Too few contribute
 - Proscess seems closed
 - kwwii is the only authority, he doesnt have a team around him.
2. How can we solve it?
 - Make the procsess as open as possible, considering that the
ultimate decision will be left to canonical.
 - Make contributors out of critisizers.
 - Get people to feel responsible.
 - Make a team around kwwii (what kind of team?)
3. And execution?
- Someone from the Forum Ambassadors team posts all incoming artwork to
the forums
- people comment on the incoming artwork, and are given a set of
guidelines of constructive criticism
-Those comments that are valid and useful by these guidelines are relayed
or summarized to the mailing list or wiki, or their owners are told to
post them to the mailing list or wiki
- all of this happens in real time, starting well before the deadlines
- Or maybe some kind of webpage, inspired by gnome-look or deviantart, to
fit our needs.

Lasse Gullvåg Sætre

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