[ubuntu-art] Gutsy wallpaper obviouschoice

xl cheese xl_cheese at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 23 21:56:23 BST 2007

It's becoming obvious what needs to be done regarding this wallpaper.   Seriously, initiative needs to be taken to switch the default to the elephant one here:

It would be unfortunate for us to do nothing.

This issue has been dugg:

Continuing feedback on this thread:

Poor Rating on gnome-look.org

> Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 16:13:55 +0200
> From: donn.ingle at gmail.com
> To: screaminike at gmail.com; ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com
> Subject: Re: [ubuntu-art] Gutsy wallpaper observation
> > > Just a drive-by posting, but has anyone thought to give the wallpaper a theme
> > > related to the code-names of Ubuntu? That could lead to textures like the
> > > elephant you mention (is that a code name?). Gibbon fur, drake feather, a
> > > heron's bill, warthog skin! That would be cool.
> > >
> > By policy, we generally avoiding ANY branding.
> >
> I would say, fine, policy is good .. but you should agree that the
> code names for the releases are descriptive and create a "brand";
> seems a shame not to exploit that graphics-wise :)
> \d
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