[ubuntu-art] My new Wallpaper

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 00:31:19 BST 2007

Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> How did you create those parallel curved lines? That's an interesting
> technique and I can't think of any easy way to do that.

Deadly easy.

1) Make a spline in Inkscape.
2) Duplicate it and paste in place using Ctl-Alt-V.
3) Spread out the duplicate along an axis -- use Ctl to constrain it.
4) Duplicate both and do the same.
5) Double duplicate again.
6) Use the 'Align and Distribute' tool to evenly space the splines.

There are many more complicated things you could do using this, but that
is the basic simple starting point.


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