[ubuntu-art] Blubuntu GDM Theme with face browser

Stéphane Marguet stempubuntu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 15:17:44 BST 2007

Le mardi 04 septembre 2007 à 16:04 +0200, Kenneth Wimer a écrit :
> My guess is that you will have to include it in a seperate package - anyone 
> correct me if I am wrong :-)
> --
> Ken
Well that's why I'm writing to this list.
The maintainer of the meta package is Ubuntu Artwork Team.
And I really don't know how to do that.

Source: blubuntu-look
Version: 0.2-0ubuntu2
Binary: blubuntu-wallpapers, blubuntu-theme, blubuntu-session-splashes,
blubuntu-look, blubuntu-gdm-theme
Maintainer: Ubuntu Artwork Team <ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com>
Architecture: all

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