[ubuntu-art] gallery aka art.ubuntu.com

Nick Bauermeister Forlong at gmx.de
Wed Oct 10 23:05:01 BST 2007


sorry for the dumb question first but why exactly has art.ubuntu.com
taken down in the first place?
We still have an own thread in the german Ubuntu community for it and
many people keep asking when it's coming back.

I think using art.ubuntu for proposals would be a great thing, because
this way we will get back an Ubuntu related artwork community but make
sure it will be high quality artwork, since it should be designed to get
into Ubuntu only.

If you look for 'Ubuntu' on sites like gnome-look, most entries are
ripoffs with a Ubuntu logo pasted on a picture or something like this.
So it would be nice to have a place for creative people that are aiming
to get their stuff into Ubuntu but their work won't be lost, if it
doesn't make it.

Nick Bauermeister


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