[ubuntu-art] Notification Area Icons

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Thu Nov 29 22:56:26 GMT 2007

Matthew Nicholson wrote:
> While most of the icons show in this thread are indeed nice icons, I
> think having some separate package/effort of the notification area icons
> is very counter to the "normal" Gnome behavior. Normally, the icons in
> the notification area are changed by a). the icons theme currently
> applied (nm-applet) or b). the application itself (pidgin). Having some
> separate icon set would break this. What about applications we don't
> plan for? The icons would look out of place. What if the icon theme is
> changed? Would the notification area icons remain the same, or would
> they use the new theme? 
Hi Matthew!
We can always bring this discussion up in GNOME upstream, it's totally 
worth a shot and probably the right way to do it.
This was also the strategy panel maintainer Vincent Untz suggested we 
should take when I spoke to him about this.
- Andreas

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