[ubuntu-art] Icon theme suggestion

Dalton Miyabara dmiya at terra.com.br
Thu Nov 29 16:19:33 GMT 2007

Hi Who,

about the folder, it´s a plastic folder, that is represented in the icon as a translucent plastic ;)

But, yes, I think that some icons could have more colors (like in real life), and the border could be more thinner.


> > As I said before, we should use the power of the colours to bring a
> > "easy-to-use/easy-to-recognize user experience". Folders, should have the
> > same colour, labels should use the same colour as folders but with a
> > different tone, devices should use the same colour too, to associate colours
> > and shapes to an app, actions, folders, devices... but I think that bringing
> > the distro icons just in 3 colours is not usable.
> >
> > It's harder to find the functionality if every icons has only 3 colours.
> >
> This is a very important point, and so many of the icon themes that
> are suggested seem to miss it - consistency in an icon theme can come
> easily from style, even without the colours all being the same.
> I also think this theme is a little too cartoony for my liking,
> Also, just as an aside - are folders shinny in real life!? Mine are
> all matte and made of paper - maybe I'm just not modern enough :P
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