[ubuntu-art] yet another mockup (greenish one)

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Mon Nov 26 19:50:57 GMT 2007

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> 5) On a technological note, is the mock you presented viable?
> Does translucency currently exist as you have it presented?
> I believe it is if Murrine theme engine is used.

In the panel; yes. Using a transparent png works really well. These days all
panel apps behave quite well with transparent panels.

Window border: Yes and no. I don't know if Compiz can do blur at an
acceptable performance. Each time I've enabled blur in the past it has
crippled the performance. Maybe it has changed, but I doubt it.

I am not sure if transparent widgets are possible. The latest gtk+ release
added widget-level composition, but afaik no engine is using it (or if that
is even possible), and I don't know how viable it is. Maybe some hacker with
a little time on their hands should do a quick dirty hack to test this out.
It is really not that hard to hack up Murrine or some other engine[1].
Unfortunately I have no time atm.


[1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MikkelKamstrupErlandsen/ThemeEngineTricks
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