[ubuntu-art] Hardy GTK Theme

Toby Smithe tsmithe at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 2 23:14:58 GMT 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 11:09 -0400, Jacob Padilla wrote:
> I agree that the engine should share long term support with the
> release. I don't however think system requirements need to be changed
> on this release and especially not on the account of something like a
> theme engine. Then again I'm also opposed to a LiveCD based standard
> install CD where if you don't meet the system req then you get the
> Debian installer based alternate CD, but that's off topic. 
> Maybe there needs to be an all new (or rescued abandon ware or forked
> Clearlooks) GTK engine / window border / GDM theme maintained by
> Ubuntu? How else can long term support be guaranteed? It would be
> great for branding. 

There is an engine, forked from Clearlooks (or so I believe). It's
called Ubuntulooks and it's the default.

Clearlooks isn't the default, or so I thought.

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