[ubuntu-art] GOing for Gold

Viper550 viper550 at cogeco.ca
Fri Nov 2 02:09:54 GMT 2007

Hey everyone, you remember me? Right? Yeah, "back from the dead" again.

Anyway, I heard about that new Ubuntu variant we're debuting for 8.04, 
"Gobuntu" - that "so-called 100% free" Ubuntu variant. I've actually 
already got some possible ideas for how we could do the artwork for this 
one. I've got 3 distinct ideas and themes for your consideration:

1. Green means Gobuntu

The whole motif would be styled along metropolitan landscapes, with the 
background being a shot of a stoplight with the Gobuntu logo edited into 
the Green light.

2. Natural landscapes

Yeah, just your generic "let's grab a picture of some trees and put it 
in the wallpaper and hope that someone will like it"

3. Arrows

Yeah, going along with the whole "go" idea and the arrowed logo, we 
could also try something themed around arrows, striped arrows building 
up the layout of everything...


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