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nothlit nothlit.linux at gmail.com
Wed May 16 16:18:07 BST 2007

Hey guys!
Its great that we're throwing things out there, but remember--the key words,
collaboration and progress. The most important thing right now is to
contribute to the discussion of what these words mean. Without that, we
can't select a pallete that achieves the message, of what we think our
keywords represent.

The main goal so far is just to get a gdm, gnome splash, background--if we
can't achieve that--we can't do anything else.

In terms of this so far being no different from the previous Ubuntu
themes--we haven't even laid anything out-- it can look however we want it
to look. The only thing thats been defined so far, is our basis, our central
theme from which all else sprouts, that being the two keywords,
collaboration and progress.

As I said, the most important thing is defining our concepts, throwing ideas
out there-- so what do you think these two words in concert mean? Do they
represent the advance of technology, of many fields of knowledge coming
together to produce spectacular results--does it represent the evolution of
ideals, of politics...
Whats more advanced--simple or complicated? What represents things
coming together, to produce something greater than the whole? Please

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