[ubuntu-art] Human iconset is incomplete and inconsistent

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Sun May 13 16:04:20 BST 2007

Ravi Shanker wrote:
> Whatever one says or gives opinion is just personal. You can't say
> anything without your personal analysis and thoughts. Its what human
> thinks and express. Everything is personal friend. You can't go
> universal saying anything.
> "His personal opinion is this" means a person didn't like or found
> something not so appealing. It means there is something wrong and should
> be worked out.

This is completely incorrect.

In traditional design circles, you speak in terms of 'audience' and 'goals'.

This has _nothing_ to do with terms like 'professional', 'ugly' or other
useless labeling.

Alex Jones was quite right to hammer the issue right out of the gate.

Who is the Ubuntu default look designed for?  In what ways is it
successful for this audience?  In what ways could the message be
clarified?  What stylistic / thematic devices are being used?  Are they
dated or cliched?

Those are _relevant_ debates in regards to aesthetics.  Relativity does
_not_ dismiss all discussions, but rather forces us to acknowledge the
very real fact that a particular design / vantage might very well _not_
be directed at yourself.

> I too have discussed over this issue, that most of the icons are not
> sharp and have better contrast with the background.

For example, 'sharp' means nothing here.  Artists / Photographers use
several techniques to achieve a contrast with background elements.  All
of those techniques have nothing to do with 'sharpness'.

Tango, through the use of a double contrasting colour set near the
edges, does this quite well and, as a whole, is a far way from 'sharp'.

> MacOSX plays with
> such things and is known to be best.

Personal statement.  If only J. Ive were on this list...

> One thing is sure, if the icon is
> good combination of color, design, contrast, and perspective, it looks
> good to everyone.

_Complete_ and utter tripe.

Let me rephrase this for you to highlight how foolish the statement
truly is:

"One thing is sure, if the food is good combination of spice, baking,
aroma, and ingredients, it tastes good to everyone."


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