[ubuntu-art] Human iconset is incomplete and inconsistent

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Sun May 13 15:52:05 BST 2007

Alexander van Loon wrote:
>> > Besides that, is there anyone who prefers the Human iconset over
>> > Tangerine? The Human icons don't look professional at all, it looks
>> > blurry and ugly. From what I understand from previous posts on the
>> > mailing list, the only reason the Human iconset was created because
>> > sabdfl/Mark Shuttleworth likes them.

Once again, that silly word 'professional' pops up.

This is a subjective terms and relative strictly to your vantage.  It
also, in this case, happens to be rooted in a rather poor judgment call.

The icons were designed by IconFactory -- the company that also happens
to have a rather vast resume including creating output for such little
known corporations as Microsoft.

Your complaints are aesthetic, and you _might_ have people who agree
with you.  That said, if you predicate your complaints based on terms
that try to legitimize your complaint as something more than an
aesthetic argument, not many people are likely to listen.

To answer your question, Mr. Shuttleworth has stated that his aesthetic
disagrees with Tango / Tangerine's.  While some view his stance on the
icon selection as dictatorial and within his rights (sabdfl --
remember?) he is certainly not alone on the dismissal of Tango /
Tangerine on aesthetic grounds.

Hope this helps...

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