[ubuntu-art] Current Community Theme and a Good Read

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Another point to maybe mention, since it has been leaked that Dell will be
using Ubuntu on new PC`s sold
will there still be the same community involvement? Or will lit purely be a
Conical effort?  I don't want
to see everyone working exceptionally hard and then it not making the cut
even though the final
product will have an exceptional look and feel.


On 4/30/07, Troy James Sobotka <troy.sobotka at gmail.com> wrote:
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> I just wanted to say that it is a pleasant experience to see interest
> popping up at the thought of a community theme.
> On a side note, here is a very good read to anyone interested in art
> and design from a person who is one of the top in their field.
> If Mr. Shuttleworth could find the time to read this it might be
> some wonderful food for thought:
> http://www.design-emotion.com/2006/04/30/getting-emotional-with-paul-bennett/
> A _very_ relevant quotation:
> [In relation to the standout design of Starbucks and Apple]
> > Secondly, do not be frightened of design ? what both these companies
> share
> > is an innate sense of using design as a tool for really communicating
> their
> > values at every possible stage of the consumers ?journey?? through their
> > brand ? the stores, the ads, the packaging, the product, are all
> designed
> > with equal care and attention.
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