[ubuntu-art] OranSoda theme features

Yann Papouin yann.papouin at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 28 12:49:23 GMT 2007

Pascal Klein a écrit :
> That's some really nice work. I noted that the splash theme had some
> aliasing issues? It looks like it lacks anti-aliasing. The edges could
> be smoother?
> Keep it up. :)
> -Pascal
Afaik, the gnome splash has not a real transparency support (alpha 
support) , it's only a mask for the stroke (like the gif) so It cannot 
be corrected.

For Iacopo Masi, I have done a quick search of oransoda in google-image 
and I discovered that Oransoda was an italian trademark. I have some 
basic knowledge about the use of a trademark and there is no possiblity 
to identify the drink with the theme so you should be able to use that 
name. So you should remove the post-it in the synopsis that is the 
pattented logo.


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