[ubuntu-art] OranSoda theme features

Iacopo Masi iacopo.masi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 11:58:29 GMT 2007

Hello ubuntu artworkero,

I made a very big work with OranSoda Theme, thanks to the help of
Daniel Holbach and Andrea Cimitan.


Now I set two nice features in oransoda-look:

1) I added a package that customize the X cursors mouse theme
2) I addad a hook that use update-notifier to view a summary of the
theme installed, when the user finish to install it. And if the user
wants, It can changes with a click all the Gnome theme:
(zenity/bash/gconft2 script) like icons, gtk, metacity, wallpaper,
mouse, splash.

For now you can checkout the source  doing:

bzr checkout http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~iacopo-masi/oransoda-look/main

and then install it and sudo apititude upgrade to see the notification
bubble at work.

I have only the problem that the automatic bot for now It is not able
to package the revision 7 of my theme due this 2 features.

Here in daniel's repo the theme is stopped at r6


Some help with that and testing for theme?


Iacopo Masi

web: http://www.iacopomasi.net
email: iacopo.masi at gmail.com

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