[ubuntu-art] [Fwd: Re: Stock rotate icons for eog and gimp]

Emir Beganović emx at linux.org.ba
Fri Jan 19 07:58:52 GMT 2007

It is deadly simple to do, so get the Inkscape up.  ;)
Yes it should be, but I'm new with Inkscape at all :) 
Do you have an example of such images that you're talking about? It
would be more easier with an example ;)

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 17:45 -0800, Troy James Sobotka wrote:
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> > 
> > I'll make SVG and file a bug with Malone. How do you mean this by 'hazy
> > gloss needs to be customized for each icon? Is there any SVG available
> > so I can just rotate it by 90, 180 and 270 degrees? 
> Yes there are in /usr/share/icons/Human/scalable
> By hazy gloss, notice how your icon looks rotated based on the glossing.
>  The gloss used in Human should always fall from _above_ proceeding
> downwards.  Your icons should all share this facet.
> This will require you to do a two step process:
> 1) Ungroup the SVG elements and rotate the lower layers of the arrow.
> 2) Use a rectangle and apply the exact same gloss parameters using one
> of the gradients present in the scalables.  They are all created in
> Illustrator unfortunately, but you should be able to find the proper
> grad.  Apply it to a rectangle as an overlay, adjust a curve within it,
> and perform an intersection cut or similar task to isolate the gloss.

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