[ubuntu-art] Kubuntu art

Emir Beganovic emx at linux.org.ba
Wed Jan 17 14:31:50 GMT 2007

It's here: http://www.kde-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=Emx
Apparently, Kwire splash screen got into skollinux themes -
Anyway, I can make Moodin-based splash screen (icons appear smoothly,
there's some coding though), or maybe some fullscreen splash that would be
the same as user's X resolution (if doable).

Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> Hi Emir,
> On Wednesday 17 January 2007 13:42, Emir Beganović wrote:
>> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kubuntu-feisty-artwork-login
>> Every release of Kubuntu offers a fresh visual look and feel of some key
>> elements. These elements highlight the feeling of the new edition and
>> sometimes relate to some of the elements present in the release. To
>> remain within this trend, the login screen (KDM) and desktop start-up
>> splash screen (ksplash) should be updated. In addition, we should add a
>> feature allowing users to select their username with a graphical
>> representation (icon and text) per mouse click (limited to setups of a
>> predetermined number of users).
>> Kubuntu 6.10 has some sort of splash based on Moodin
>> (http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=25705) engine, so it
>> would be great to make some redesigned splash for KDE in Kubuntu Feisty.
>> I've made few splash screens and published them on kde-look.org, so I
>> would like to participate in this project. As I thought, icons and
>> positions should be a bit regrouped, and there should be new wallpaper
>> but the whole splash should fit in center of screen (so not fullscreen
>> splash). What do you think? What should be new things when it's about
>> splash? A bit more simple, if it's doable, maybe?
>> Emir Beganovic
> Indeed, we should/will change the splash screen artwork for Feisty. As for
> the
> decision to use a full-screen or window-based splash, I think it is
> important
> to have usability in mind as well. AFAIK, we have used a full-screen
> splash
> for Kubuntu because it hides the slow progession of the desktop being put
> together piece by piece (ie. you get to the desktop when the desktop is
> ready, not while things are still popping up). Of course, this does not
> mean
> that we cannot consider using a window-based splash screen. I just wanted
> to
> explain the reason (other than my artistic preference) for using a
> full-screen splash.
> So, I suggest that we look into this more and see what everyone thinks.
> You mentioned that you published a few splash screens on kde-look.org. I
> tried
> to find them to no avail :-( Could you post a link to your work?
> Thanks for bringing this up, hope to hear from you soon!
> Bye,
> Kenneth
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