[ubuntu-art] Kubuntu art

Emir Beganović emx at linux.org.ba
Wed Jan 17 12:42:33 GMT 2007

Every release of Kubuntu offers a fresh visual look and feel of some key
elements. These elements highlight the feeling of the new edition and
sometimes relate to some of the elements present in the release. To
remain within this trend, the login screen (KDM) and desktop start-up
splash screen (ksplash) should be updated. In addition, we should add a
feature allowing users to select their username with a graphical
representation (icon and text) per mouse click (limited to setups of a
predetermined number of users).

Kubuntu 6.10 has some sort of splash based on Moodin
(http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=25705) engine, so it
would be great to make some redesigned splash for KDE in Kubuntu Feisty.
I've made few splash screens and published them on kde-look.org, so I
would like to participate in this project. As I thought, icons and
positions should be a bit regrouped, and there should be new wallpaper
but the whole splash should fit in center of screen (so not fullscreen
splash). What do you think? What should be new things when it's about
splash? A bit more simple, if it's doable, maybe? 

Emir Beganovic

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