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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 21:08:51 GMT 2007

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Greetings to everyone on the list...

Over the past while you might have noticed a little bit of activity on
the 'bugs' assigned to the 'ubuntu-art' project team.

The bugs provided there are the byproduct of a massive amount of work
and energy on the part of Daniel Holbach.  It is through his effort that
our team gets notified.  It is one more small step to gaining
credibility within the development of Ubuntu.

To this end, it is a very real and possible venture for the team members
to fix the bugs.  If you have _any_ solutions to the bugs on the list,
please offer them.

* Avoid the semantically nightmarish bugs.  By this I mean the bugs that
are probably out of our domain such as things that sabdfl rules upon.
* Provide extensive solutions via attachments to bugs that are of a
technical / artwork nature.  This means source files for artwork (SVG,
PNG, etc.) or XML sample attachments that resolve the issues.

Remember -- the bugs automatically get tripped to our team, so there is
no need to email the team when you have contributed.  We can all see it,
and assuming our email is set up properly with filters, they will all go
to a nice little tidy folder.

On this note, and on further along the path of experience, I have
drafted the very beginnings of a Bazaar tutorial document for the folks
out there who are not adept computer coders:


It is obviously incomplete, but please let me know if you are unable to
follow the instructions thus far -- they are intended to be simple to an
average member of our team.  I will extend it as I get time and my
personal knowledge level increases.  There is enough functional
information there currently to at least pull a package and look at the
problems inside.

What is all this for?  Ultimately to push Ubuntu along the road to more
solid ground, we will need to master the tools that the rest of the
Ubuntu developers utilize.  Learning Bazaar will permit us to 'push' our
fixes and thereby cut the tasks down for other people to let them focus
on more important issues that are particular to their domain.

On with the bug squishing...
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