[ubuntu-art] bringing good things to life

Angus Prune angusprune at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 10:27:54 GMT 2007

On 1/4/07, Nathan Eckenrode <nathan at eckenrodehouse.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 January 2007 22:32, Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> > How about some people +1 this if they like the idea, ensuring to note if
> > they feel competent enough to contribute a monthly background. We'd also
> > need a person willing to be the scape goat and be the first aic...
> +1 idea, with the caveat that I prefer KDE.

+1 idea.  I've not contributed anything to the art team yet, but would
like to and this sounds like a way into creating artwork for the
project.  (For someone who has never contributed to OSS before)

(ditto on the KDE)


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