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Wed Jan 3 15:57:30 GMT 2007

> All Microsoft fonts with Arabic glyphs are absolutely ugly for Persian, the
> Arabic glyphs in DejaVu will definitely be ugly for Persian too, for a very
> simple reason:  Arabic fonts are ugly for Persian speakers.  Persian simply
> prefer other styles.  Persian fonts and Arabic fonts are not suitable for Urdu.
>  And these three languages share the same script, aka the Arabic script.  So,
> no matter how much effort you put into making the Arabic glyphs in DejaVu
> perfect, it will be:
>   1) Not needed for 5 billion of people in the world that don't know Arabic,
> you are just making a lean Latin font, a huge pig now.
>   2) Unusable for Persian and Urdu speakers, a good few hundred millions, and
> they cannot easily use DejaVu with their favorite Persian/Urdu font anymore.
>   3) Not necessarily the style they want to use with their DejaVu font for
> those who actually are Arabic speakers, and again, you have made it harder for
> them to choose which font to use for which script.

Travis Watkins

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