[ubuntu-art] Human vs. Tango

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Sun Feb 18 11:13:41 GMT 2007

Hi Alex,

> Is the general consensus here that intermixing Human and Tango icons is
> acceptable?

This was discussed. The Tangerine project first aim to provide a
Humanized Tango theme. However, it does not fit the sabdfl taste.
Remember that the consensus IS sabdfl ;).

Imo, Tangerine is very complete and fit very well both with Tango theme
and overall Human Gtk+, Metacity and Wallpaper theme. Human has nice
icons, but often, tiny icon (24x24 and beyond, see menu for example) are
really unusable. Tango take tiny icon in account, not Human. Human is
quite incomplete, but that's not that easy to build an entire icon set.
Human was created by "IconFactory" an opaque structure (individual ?
entreprise ?) hired by sabdfl.

I already told that here, but obviously, people do not want to adapt
icon to tiny size.

What i like in Human is folder, warning, error, information, report a
bug. But that does not make an entire set. The ubuntu logo (menu bar,
about ubuntu) is fuzzy where all other icons are sharp.

So, yeah, Ubuntu lake consistency.

See http://daniel.holba.ch/ubuntu/ic/ .


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