[ubuntu-art] Update-notifier icon

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Mon Feb 12 22:54:16 GMT 2007

Hi Mark,

I don't want agressive. The red hat example is far too annoying for my
taste. And may be very disturbing. (Especially in development release, i
sometimes let updates awaiting).

The two points are : 

      * Icon is not consistent with panel icon. I just had an idea : a
        package with the "new" label like in "new directory". Or the
        same picto as in Add/Remove software + the "new" label. This
        will make sense and will be coherent with both panel icons and
        wide theme.
      * Icon does not clearly mean "update available". See : the
        prefered app capplet icon refer to boxed cdrom software even if
        about 99,9999 percent of softwares in the system are downloaded.
        The same way, the update icon should rely on a known relation
        between reality and concept. The idea i suggest above is quite
        good, altough, Ken might have better idea (or yourself !)

Thanks Master :)


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