[ubuntu-art] Incoming Feisty art

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Sat Feb 10 22:29:00 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Some of you may saw the new feisty artwork arriving. This artwork is not
stamped "alpha". So, let's discuss about it :).

As of today, only usplash and gnome wallpaper has been updated.

First, i really like the new wallpaper. Even if i find it too pinky, i
really love the smoothness of the picture. In contrary to dapper
wallpaper, this one does not looks like a brown ulgy clone of Mac OS X
wallpaper suite. So sweet :).

About upslash. I do not like the new logo. the red is too pinky :|. And
since i do not like Gtk Human progress bar, i don't like it on usplash.
To be constructive, here are the point i dislike in this progressbar :

      * the tiny vertical seperators makes sense only for discret
        progress bar (with fixed step). It provide an idea of "unit" of
        progression and user wait the progress bar to push by one
      * The sharp orange does fit neither title brown nor wallpaper
        pink. Think consistent.
      * Also progress bar orange have huge accessibility issues (see bug
        about that). Since december, i lost my glasses i have to wait
        'til march. It's a good test of accessibility in Ubuntu. Beryl
        helps. font-properties allows me to increase dpi up to 118 !
        Even at such size, the text is hard to read on progress bar.
        Please update. Accessibility matters.

Also, who made this artwork ? Is ubuntu-art only a place to comment new
artwork ;) ? It feel like we forgot to plan community themes :|


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