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Jean Pierre Rupp jpierre at xeno-genesis.com
Sat Feb 10 21:51:23 GMT 2007

El sáb, 10-02-2007 a las 19:26 +0100, Nacho de los Ríos Tormo escribió:
> It happens a lot more than you might think, and there are some examples 
> that might be found hilarious. In Unix, a traditional icon for a command 
> shell is ... a shell! Unfortunately, it reads as "clam" or "snail" in 
> other languages. In Webmin (does anybody still use it?), the icon for a 
> log -- as in "captain's log" -- was a piece of wood (which generally 
> reads as "firewood"). And in an FPGA design program I used, the icon for 
> "save" was the image of a pig!

In short, we should make the artwork based on the concepts, and not the

The best icon for a program error would be an explosion, a broken
computer, even a broken program window could do, as Nacho said. That can
always be associated with a broken program.

I haven't seen many icons that could be misinterpreted in Spanish, only
bug icons and log icons. In Spanish a computer program log is a
"historial" o "bitácora", none of these terms are related to a tree or
wood in any form. Maybe a paper roll from a seismograph or EEG could be
a lot more related to a program log concept, and still be understandable
at a very small size. Most other icons are fine, they tend to represent
the concepts.

The idea of locale-based icons is great, but of course it would be a
huge task to undertake for only a few icons that can be easily with
universally understandable conceptual ones.

There are many icons already that are mostly universal in most cultures,
like those used to alert drivers, or workers, and those in use at
airports. They are by design easily recognizable and we can use them in
software, changing colors, shapes, shadows, etc, we can give them a nice
touch that can set them apart from other graphical environments.

By the way, the orange ball with a lot of electrical activity, I don't
find it meaning "Internet" in any language, unless one is familiar with
a similar blue icon from Apple MacOS X, that could be interpreted as
energy streams running across the Earth surface and connected in a mesh.
I know Ubuntu is brown/orange, but our planet is definitely blue and we
need some imagination to associate that orange ball with the Earth. It
looks like it's burning or something.

Jean Pierre Rupp
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