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I think that Nacho's put an important point. Here in Brazil the icons would work well, because we don't translate a lot of the computer terms,  for exemple we say bug, and created the verb "bugar", and I think that anyone who uses computers knows at most a little of english (like me!). But I think that's just in Brazil, in Portugal they translate everything, there I thik this would not wor too. The solution perhaps is to make the icons a little less obvously, more based in the software's function than in the words that describes it, like "bug" and "repport"... and that's really dificult! I'm still thinking on it but I have no ideas yet...  

I found the idea of the website very good! It could be an commom account in sites like Multiply (http://multiply.com/). We use a lot this site in the university. It's a very good solution because we don't loose too much time designing an site and everyone can post anything on it very easely. As architecture and designer students we use it to make our projects toghether with students from others colleges from other cities, and it's works fine. Well that's just a sugestion.. if anyone here wants to make and manage an website, be my guest!


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Thanks for your great feedback.
> I've tried the icon on my boyfriend, and he was totally clueless; he
> offered possibilities such as "notepad", or "drawing", but he did not
> guess what the bug meant in the first place. It is not a statistically
> meaningful experiment, but he's an architect used to computers --
> *windows* computers, unfortunately ;-).
You are correct, for example I cannot imagine what someone in Thailand thinks 
of a 'bug' or someone in Sweden, etc. I was basing it on my point of view and 
also on the computer "culture" where there are several memes 
like "bugs", "windows", "cursors" and so on, however you are quite correct 
that they are all English words. It's amazing, to me, to hear about the 
word "fallos" -- I made the automatic assumption that a picture of a bug 
would translate in anyone's mind into the same meme.

Wow, what to do ...?

How would we universally express the concept of "program error report"?

Perhaps we would find that it is not possible. I have argued before (it might 
have been this list) that all artwork should be based on the *locale*. This 
makes the task much larger, icons for everything would have to be 
independently created for every language, but I think it could be faced, and 
made quite efficient -- perhaps only a small percentage of icons will end-up 
being confusing, like my "bug" icon was.

<mad idea>
Perhaps a website could be started where people could "vote" for their 
favourite icons in each locale. We would present whatever icons we have now, 
and whatever new ones artists want to quickly sketch. The idea would be to 
see which symbols represent which concepts in the minds of the audiences of 
each language. We could have categories (translated, natch) in each locale 
with concepts like:
"file", "folder", "mouse", "open", "close", "new", "delete", "create", "error", "mail" 
and so on -- covering the basic verb/noun ground of what computers and 
application let us do. After that we can realistically begin to produce icons 
that actually speak to the people who will use them.
</mad idea>

> Again, I insist that the icons are very well done and I do find them cute.
And thanks for your input.


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