[ubuntu-art] Second version of Union mockup

Matthew McGowan matthew.joseph.mcgowan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 22:37:58 GMT 2007

I concur, this is really polishing up nice!  Are we at the point where 
people can start putting something together in gtk and metacity?  Also 
what would the mouse over look like for the 
minimise/un-maxi/maximise/close? and would it be better to stick with 
the traditional visual metaphor for min/unmax/max/close?  I find the 
current set in the designs (the plus and minus) a little confusing as to 
what their function exactly is.


Dylan McCall wrote:
> I wasn't 100% with this mockup originally, but now I love it! Those 
> colour changes are well chosen. Those fancy panel icons would be quite 
> a pile of work, however. With an effect like that, it's can be either 
> all of them or none of them, and there are /a lot/ of programs that 
> put themselves in the notification area. Having said that, it would be 
> very cool if unimportant (and inactive) notifications faded into the 
> background, while they used the colourful images we see today when 
> active. However, that sounds more like a code matter...
> Perhaps that effect would be happier being implemented in code, since 
> on that end it can be implemented for everything, including unofficial 
> applications.
> One thing important to look at is menu bars that are not directly 
> within windows. GTK decided that menu bars should be independent 
> widgets, (which is good thinking in some ways, but definitely limits 
> some of the cool possibilities of menus that know what window they 
> belong to) so those menus could theoretically be anywhere. Granted, 
> they are usually on the top, but extra use cases would be safe.
> Nick Telford makes a good point about text areas. Have you put much 
> pondering into those?
> What are those three buttons you have on the bottom of your windows? 
> Looks like an interesting window management feature that could be 
> implemented by an Ubuntu-side GTK hack...
> Speaking of effects, I think you could do with a tad less alpha on 
> unfocussed windows. People often look at two or three windows at once 
> for some tasks, and them being so transparent could well make that 
> undoable. Perhaps if that Pin button (which I believe you have on the 
> status bars there) was implemented somewhere, we could better expect 
> people to use the feature. Then, if a window was pinned and 
> unfocussed, it would not have the same transparent effect. (Again, I 
> am not up on how themes work, so please forgive my ignorance!).
> Keep up the amazing work, Ken! Everyone likes SVGs, so I see a very 
> good chance of this mockup making it as a mainified ("mainly"? 
> mained?) theme.
> Bye,
> -Dylan McCall

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