[ubuntu-art] Who is our target audience?

Thomas L.G thomlie at online.no
Fri Dec 28 00:44:37 GMT 2007

I think we should do some forum vote. Not to make the whole decision, 
but as a guideline. Ubuntuforums is rather big, so the feedback would 
probably be pretty good as well. From "noobs" to "geeks"...

Also, in some time, we should have some prototype, and be able to test 
it on target users, and determine their response, how well it works for 
solving standard tasks etc. That's what Microsoft and Apple and others 
probably do. Testing it on ourselves, even if we are many in numbers, 
can make us blind for some important usability issues. Therefore I say 
we need some sort of qualitative testing on certain subjects :)

- Thomas L.G

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