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Wed Dec 19 16:34:27 GMT 2007

I agree.  I've seen too many comments like "That theme is ugly because I don't like the green wallpaper."  Comments like that are narrow minded and not helpful to the creators.
Mentioning what you DO like would be much more helpful.  Even if there's only one small part of the theme you like.  

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 10:02:34 -0600From: newz at bearfruit.orgTo: ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.comSubject: [ubuntu-art] Expressing dislikeOn Dec 19, 2007 1:53 AM, [someone] wrote:

Looks nice indeed. But doesn't it look too much like MacOS? (except for the color palett of course) 

I propose a new rule that anyone who says, "that theme looks too much like [some other OS]..." must also back up their statement with an objective comparison of the elements in question. I think it's being tossed out as a generic criticism. I'm all for constructive criticism and I'm certainly not opposed to people voicing their dislike for all or part of a mockup, but its most helpful if the concerns are specific. Just my two cents.-- Matthew Nuzumnewz2000 on freenode 
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