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julian julian at selectparks.net
Thu Dec 6 18:06:24 GMT 2007

..on Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 04:30:53PM +0200, Özgür BASKIN wrote:
> +1 for elephant-skin picture :)

jeez, do you really want to be /that/ close to an elephant all day?

i think that's what i'd call a specialist aesthetic preoccupation.

i'm never been convinced of the earthy theming anyway, let alone the
emulation of glass (gloss) or any other material metaphors on the

i think the cleanest themes are those that simply don't a) try to make a
strong artistic statement and b) don't try to bring the corporeal world
into the digital. 

in the end is just smells like a bad magic trick.

julian oliver

> Sal, 2007-12-04 tarihinde 14:15 +0100 saatinde, Steph yazdı:
> > 
> > Hi all, I just wanted to set one main goal for Hardy : Change the
> > defaut wallpaper ! It's been two days I installed a fresh Hardy
> > Alpha :), and I can't stand that Vista-silly-copy picture on my
> > desktop. Honestly, I don't want the beautifulest wallpaper ever, but
> > the actual one is not even good for a "normal user". At least, please
> > set the elephant wallpaper by default, cause, I repeat, the actual one
> > is ban, ugly, and not adapted for all kind of tasks (isn't a
> > wallpaper, though). 
> > 
> > Steph.
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