[ubuntu-art] New Theme

Jeff web.kiddo at free.fr
Sat Aug 25 20:14:35 BST 2007

The theme is a very subjective issue. At first I disliked brown, and I
came to like it, for example.
Vista is certainly not a model of design. I hate their aero glass theme,
it is a usability disaster.

Have you also tried ubuntu gutsy? The new clearlooks theme is quite
different (based on glossy), though it is not the default theme. I have
no idea if ubuntu's art direction is planning on modifying the ubuntu
theme engine based on that, but I would be doubtful.

This new clearlooks theme (made by andrea cimitan, the creator of
murrina) looks like a mix of Office-style toobars and Mac OS X to me,
and I'm starting to like it. I'm attaching a screenshot to this email.
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