[ubuntu-art] New Theme

Ravi Shanker ra21vi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 16:40:27 BST 2007

> vista is not more good than ubuntu. 
> Ubuntu dont need to copy vista.

Maybe you have tested Vista more than else. Vista is in controversy
because of its hidden threat such as DRM, and also its long development
But about interface, look how minute work is done. And then, please
please and please say something like it.
Ubuntu's UI is not considered the best, and not compared. Its just said,
its clean.
But we people, community are working to make it better.
Most of times I have seen,  when someone says the button is too big,
other pretend to smart says its not the Ubuntu's problem, or maybe you
are misjudging it wrong.

But only less people really thinks other way.
Anyway, its not the time to discuss which is better, Vista or Fiesty,
Its the time to do serious R&D to find better UI components, and better
solution on native Linux, more specifically Ubuntu.

Ravi Shanker <ra21vi at gmail.com>

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