[ubuntu-art] New Theme

Ravi Shanker ra21vi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 04:38:34 BST 2007

Well, I can't join, as I am not an artist. But I would like to suggest
you that though Aero is not a that much good theme for work, just
eyecandy, but OSX looks simple, clean, high contrast and non-boring
(original OSX Theme). So, when you are designing a new theme,
concentrate over these keywords. Clearlooks too was such great hit
because of it.

On Sat, 2007-08-25 at 00:47 +0200, Steph wrote:
> Hi everybody, first thing I'll ask is to forgive my English, I'm
> French.
> It has been said on the french forum that Ubuntu was actually very
> ugly. Go to your friends's houses, boot on the Live CD and you'll see
> most of them saying "creepy ! I'll keep Vista !". And we have to admit
> that the only good thing in Vista is the Aero interface. No need to
> talk about OSX, it has always been quite beautiful, and no wonder why
> the most downloaded themes on Gnome-Look.org are some OSX look-alike
> ones.
> Now check Ubuntu's default themes. Human and Glossy are correct, other
> ones are really old and ugly. On the seven themes integrated, two
> looks correct, but still old, and the other ones are just as beautiful
> as Win95. Why can't we add a few modern themes ? Just one or two, that
> could replace the Crux or Glider themes (have a look). 
> See, Ubuntu aims to be a distro for everyone. Mr Everyone is not
> stupid, but still he's often a n00b :D . So the thing he's gonna look
> first is design. How to convince Mr Everyone Ubuntu's a great OS ? By
> showing him a nice design, something that looks clear, simple and
> efficace. Then everything will "Just Work" and all this on a nice
> theme :). 
> Now, the solutions. If everyone agrees of course. I've talked a little
> with Brian Ward (author of this nice orb :
> http://www.brianward.us/myspace/public/ubuntu-orb.png :) and agreeing
> to what I just said, we told that creating a totally new theme would
> be some really hard work, and with the tons of themes available on
> Gnome-look.org, would be time wasted. So what we thought was to make a
> selection of the best themes on Gnome-look.org (Aero and OSX-like
> excluded of course), then try to mix everything in a new, fresh,
> modern themes.
> Who wanna join ? :)

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