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Salvador Sarpi ssarpi at adev.cl
Sat Aug 25 00:04:25 BST 2007

i think the same

and i know that a lot other ubuntu and non-ubuntu users think that too, maybe we dont need to change the ubuntu-theme, but we can do better themes than the ones that ubuntu includes.

appart of including fresh new themes, there are a few that could be remade. for example the high contrast theme, or maybe include a minimalistic one.

i'm in.

sorry for my bad english.

Salvador Sarpi
Temuco, Chile S.A.

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  Hi everybody, first thing I'll ask is to forgive my English, I'm French.

  It has been said on the french forum that Ubuntu was actually very ugly. Go to your friends's houses, boot on the Live CD and you'll see most of them saying "creepy ! I'll keep Vista !". And we have to admit that the only good thing in Vista is the Aero interface. No need to talk about OSX, it has always been quite beautiful, and no wonder why the most downloaded themes on Gnome-Look.org are some OSX look-alike ones.

  Now check Ubuntu's default themes. Human and Glossy are correct, other ones are really old and ugly. On the seven themes integrated, two looks correct, but still old, and the other ones are just as beautiful as Win95. Why can't we add a few modern themes ? Just one or two, that could replace the Crux or Glider themes (have a look). 

  See, Ubuntu aims to be a distro for everyone. Mr Everyone is not stupid, but still he's often a n00b :D . So the thing he's gonna look first is design. How to convince Mr Everyone Ubuntu's a great OS ? By showing him a nice design, something that looks clear, simple and efficace. Then everything will "Just Work" and all this on a nice theme :). 

  Now, the solutions. If everyone agrees of course. I've talked a little with Brian Ward (author of this nice orb : http://www.brianward.us/myspace/public/ubuntu-orb.png :) and agreeing to what I just said, we told that creating a totally new theme would be some really hard work, and with the tons of themes available on Gnome-look.org, would be time wasted. So what we thought was to make a selection of the best themes on Gnome-look.org (Aero and OSX-like excluded of course), then try to mix everything in a new, fresh, modern themes.

  Who wanna join ? :)


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