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Salvador Sarpi ssarpi at adev.cl
Wed Aug 22 19:17:36 BST 2007

i agree with you, the actual ubuntu logo is ok. but the default theme is not good enough (not as good as can be).

im watching the link you gave (ubuntu-fr.org) but i cant find anything because i dont know french.

i will be glad to help in any ideas of a new ubuntu theme, or an optional theme for ubuntu. 

sorry for my english, im from chile.
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  Great work ! It's beautiful.

  However, Ubuntu's logo isn't a priority. I mean it's not the most ugly thing in Ubuntu. We should work on a new default theme for Ubuntu instead, actually we're discussing about it on the french forum : http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=140928

  It has been said that Ubuntu's design was nearly ugly, and that is looked so old in front of Vista or Mac OSX. We don't want to copy any of these, but still Ubuntu is for everybody, and everybody's first feeling about Ubuntu is design. It can be stable, simply, efficient, if it's ugly, people shall keep sayin "oh no Vista looks better, i'll keep it". So what about makin a new one ? 

  Excuse my English, I'm french :).

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    Hello all-

    I just signed up for this list, so I don't know the protocol or if 
    I'm even submitting to the right people.  However, I thought I would
    post a link to an image i created earlier today...

    It's basically in the style of the Aqua globs that seem to be
    prominent throughout Mac OS X and more recently in Windows Vista. 

    Please let me know if I'm the ten-millionth person to offer this
    suggestion...I figured that I was, but I thought that I'd give it a
    go anyhow.

    My inspiration came from a comment posted somewhere online which said 
    that Linux looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint.



    Brian Ward 
    b at brianward.us

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    ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com


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