[ubuntu-art] New Ideas

Justin Blau blauj at union.edu
Fri Aug 17 01:48:36 BST 2007

Hey all,

I have some feedback on the new background ideas.

I like brownfluid.  Its not too complicated, very crisp, and flows nicely
for a desktop.  It is very similar to the other backgrounds included in
Ubuntu, and I think something like that should be included for those users
who do not welcome change.  However, a friend of mine and I both really
liked the "Dawn of Ubuntu" background that came with Edgy Eft.  I believe we
should at least pick one background of a more distinctive nature.

For the area in between conservative backgrounds and distinctive backgrounds
I enjoy the atomspins most.  The red atomspin's circles appear much more
defined than the brown and I like that.  Also I'm more partial to reds and
oranges than browns.  My problem with brown is that it is very prevalent in
images because if you mix two complementary colors together, you get brown.
I like the distinctness of reds and oranges.  However I would definitely
stay away from yellows which bring about a more stressful atmosphere (and
when I'm working, thats the last thing I need).  There is a reason why
school buses are colored yellow.

I don't think the leather came out as well as the other ideas.  It seems
very complicated, but also very relaxed.  It confuses me a little bit.
Also, I think that adding white to lighten up an image often takes away from
the image as a whole.  It removes too much color and sometimes becomes flat.

Personally I'm not much for fire.  I appreciate the mystique, but its very
difficult to use in artwork without looking flat or cheesey.  What I mean is
its a bit overused.

Waves are an interesting idea because after all it is one of natures most
fundamental forms (thank you, quantum chemistry).  The idea could work but I
think the waves in waves.jpg are too defined and rhythmic, also I think
mixing the wave with flame is a bit confusing to the eye.  My eye doesn't
really know where to move around the image compared to brownfluid where it
moves from the large wave in front, catches some of the smaller lines, moves
to the ones in back and so on.

Curtainspin I think is too linear and vertical.  I'm not a very organized
person and as such I like images where my eye travels in curves rather than

Well anyways, thats what I have to say.  I hope my critiques are helpful.  I
have found the hardest part about becoming an artist is accepting the
criticism of others.  Take it all with a grain of salt.

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