[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu ISO Testing Team Artwork

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 26 00:37:33 BST 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 01:30:09 Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Troy James Sobotka wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> >> I find the same problem with the burning idea, and suspect it may not
> >> internationalize/localize well.  Perhaps using the "lightburst" design
> >> from the Tango "new" icons combined with some of these other ideas may
> >> provide a more meaningful image.
> >
> > Guys look at the specs.
> >
> > 1) It is for Launchpad -- the audience doesn't really care about
> > internationalization in this case.
> I fail to understand this - perhaps not internationalization in the
> narrow software sense, but the logo must still have meaning that can
> cross cultures easier than a rather colloquial metaphor in English
> ("burn" a cd)
> > 2) The mugshot is 192x192 -- get out your pencils.
> >
> > 3) The logo is also quite large -- 64 by 64...
> I don't think size negates the need to consider all the important
> factors in a branding decision (no matter how small) before creating.
> Instead, I would suggest that the size means that people will actually
> be able to see the visual metaphors being used, and so smart decisions
> can have a long-term payoff.
> > I doubt anyone wants to see some stale Tango icon.
> I take offense to this remark, as it implies that by suggesting an idea
> used by Tango (the simple specular reflection or lightburst), I was
> recommending a "stale Tango icon."  Personal feelings about icon sets
> aside, this kind of remark devalues small contributions by community
> members and can lead to a Not-Invented-Here mentality (for instance, the
> visual metaphor being chucked as "stale Tango"), not to mention
> seriously discouraging contribution.  I have been debating continuing my
> read-only involvement in the Ubuntu Art team for a while

I do not think that Troy was being offensive in any way. In addition, I am not 
sure whether a "read-only" involvement is involvement at all. In any other 
community based effort this would be called "lurking".

Not that your opinions are not needed and wanted but if you haven't given 
either until now dancing around personal feelings (when as I stated the 
opinion given was not unfriendly or exessively negative) is also unneccesary 
in my opinion.


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