[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu ISO Testing Team Artwork

Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Wed Apr 25 23:32:50 BST 2007

alan c wrote:
> Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hi Troy. Hi everybody.
>> As I've told on IRC, we at the ISO Testing Team are looking for branding
>> for the team (i.e. an image, a logo, and an icon, which can be the same
>> or not).
>> We thought in CD's, flames (because we burn CDs to test theme), glasses
>> (because we check the CDs carefully looking for bugs and problems)...
>> but we're open to your suggestions, since you're the artists!
>> The Launchpad page for the team is
>> https://launchpad.net/~isotesting
>> And the new images should be (Launchpad requirements):
>> - -Mugshot: A large image of exactly 192x192 pixels, that will be
>> displayed on the team page in Launchpad. It should be no bigger than
>> 100kb in size.
>> - -Logo: An image of exactly 64x64 pixels that will be displayed in the
>> heading of all pages related to the team. Traditionally this is a logo,
>> a small picture or a personal mascot. It should be no bigger than 50kb
>> in size.
>> - -Icon: A small image of exactly 14x14 pixels and at most 5kb in size,
>> that can be used to identify this team. The icon will be displayed
>> whenever the team name is listed - for example in listings of bugs or on
>> a person's membership table.
> The 'burning' suggestion in the K3b logo has always made me think of 
> destruction (!) rather than a creation process (that is, burning a CD 
> DVD etc), so I offer the thought that flames may not always give the 
> positive impression you want.
> A testing situation puts me in mind of a question mark (?) and a 
> strongly moving probing activity - in your situation - brings to mind 
> an arrow or sharp point.
> Combined these could become a question mark (or more than one) each 
> with a probing arrow at the end rather than a dot.
I find the same problem with the burning idea, and suspect it may not 
internationalize/localize well.  Perhaps using the "lightburst" design 
from the Tango "new" icons combined with some of these other ideas may 
provide a more meaningful image.


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